Watercart Rental

Our new Fuso watercarts includes the latest generation 3,500, 4,500, 5,000, 7,000 and 10,000 litre watercarts, part of our goal to supply watercarts that operate safely, efficiently and to the total satisfaction of our customers.

Customers appreciate the high standard of mechanical condition, safety compliance, equipment reliability, operator comfort and provision of comprehensive equipment packages.

Contractors expect today’s vehicles to have automatic transmission and have fully air-conditioned cabs, electric windows and every simply-labelled control to make life more comfortable and deliver job efficiency. TWS Hire’s new trucks are an ideal size for sites with limited access, or if needed to be kept clear of other plant and equipment.

As well as all the comfort and advanced spraying features, these new watercarts are equipped with reversing cameras, ABS braking and air bag protection. Others are also fitted with GPS for added convenience. The new trucks’ Euro 5 rated engines even allow them to be used in a roofed area with a high degree of health safety due to the extremely advanced clean emission controls.

You are getting a vehicle/equipment package that can be operated by someone who has absolutely no experience in operating a watercart, yet the controls are so simple and straightforward they can be operated by anyone with no previous experience.