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TWS HIRE watercarts are specially designed to suit your particular site 

Our water tankers, watercarts and equipment for hire (including spray units) are compliant with New South Wales Roads and Maritime Services (RMS), Local Council, Sydney Trains, NSW TrainLink, and NSW Government work requirements. You have the assurance that our mechanical workshop has completed a logbook service on your vehicle as well as any ancillary equipment and accessories, and it is certified, ready to work on your job site.

Below, we have included some examples of specific uses for our watercarts and equipment. Short and long-term hire is available. 

  • Our watercarts have sprayers to cover a large area to help control dust on construction sites.
  • Side batter sprayers and 20 metres of landscape hose enable watering of plants and grass along road sides, in parks or recently planted areas. Additional hoses are available for hard to reach areas.
  • You can use our watercarts for film and photo shoots where a rain effect or wet areas are required.
  • Our watercarts can be used for corporate events and festivals, for example, to fill water barricades or provide water for catering and cleaning.
  • Multiple hose connections make concrete sawing faster.
  • Multiple outlets are supplied as standard for pressure cleaning. 
  • Our watercarts can be used for virtually any situation and location that requires water but does not have access to a water source.

Everything you need in one handy package

All trucks come with a comprehensive operator’s manual that includes every piece of documentation needed to meet the most stringent site inspection regulations.

It is also a complete guide on to how to get the most out of your watercart and protect it from damage on your site.

TWS HIRE’s late model range of 3,500, 4,500, 5,000, 7,000 and 10,000 litre watercarts are fully equipped, compliance certified to meet the toughest WorkSafe regulations. And better still, most are permitted to be driven by anyone holding a car licence.

Current service documentation is provided in an easy to read booklet provided with all machinery. All safety gear is maintained within inspection time limits and tagged and tested where applicable.

Full certification

If required, all equipment hired from us can be supplied with pre-hire inspection, mechanical and operability certificates, which have been issued by a registered mechanic, giving you the assurance you need for all compliance and insurance documentation.

If necessary these documents are also easily accessible via email.

These compact watercarts use minimum space. They are suitable for small sites and can be parked out of the way ready to be used when needed.

Automatic transmission, suspension adjustable operator seats, full time reversing cameras, air-conditioned cabs, electric windows, safety equipment and simply-labelled controls make these new watercarts safe and comfortable workplaces, even for operators with minimal experience.

You do not need special skills or licences

Our compact watercarts are designed for operation by someone with minimal knowledge or experience and are equipped with super reliable Honda pumps.

Vehicles have a full array of spray equipment needed for all dust suppression, cleaning or water delivery tasks. The spray configuration includes:

  • left, centre and right-hand sprayers
  • dribble bar
  • multiple hose outlets
  • 20 metres of 1 inch diameter hose with nozzle and
  • 2 inch high flow outlet to each outlet high flow. 

Operator comfort and ease of operation

Our customers expect  vehicles to be comfortable and to make completing jobs as efficient as possible. That is why most of our watercars have automatic transmission, fully air-conditioned cabs, electric windows and simply-labelled controls. These TWS HIRE watercarts are an ideal size for sites with limited access, or for busy sites with little space. 

Fully equipped for efficiency

As well as having all the comfort and advanced spraying features, these new watercarts are equipped with reversing cameras, ABS braking and air bag protection. Others are also fitted with GPS for added convenience.

The new trucks have Euro 5 rated engines, which allows them to be used in a roofed area with a higher degree of safety for workers, due to their clean emission controls.

Customers will have the benefit of hiring a watercart and equipment that in most cases can be operated by someone who has absolutely no experience. The controls are that simple and straightforward.

Types of watercarts available


High capacity watercarts

If you have a larger site or just need something bigger, our fully equipped, high capacity Mercedes watercart may be just what you need.

If you need a higher capacity model with the same features, our Light Rigid truck (minimum truck licence) 7,000 litre Watercart has a powerful turbo diesel motor diesel, manual gear box, service history, insurances and pre-hire checklist.

As well as all the comfort and convenience of the smaller watercart, this vehicle has additional features which include a lockable battery isolation switch, wheel nut indicators, UHF radio, first aid kit, internal and external fire extinguishers, reverse camera and reversing squawker.

Safety specification watercarts

We understand the detailed requirements of equipment to be used on sites where safety specifications apply. Therefore, we have ensured that our equipment is able to meet the most demanding requirements of every safety-specific site.

Please contact us to talk through your needs, as we would be happy to help. 


Renting From Us

With 40 years experience in hiring watercarts (water carts), we know what you are after in terms of performance, site compliance, efficiency, reliability, and safety.

Rental Equipment

Our Watercarts are compliant with New South Wales Roads and Maritime Services (RMS), Local Council, Sydney Trains, NSW TrainLink, and NSW Government work requirements.

Instructional Videos

TWS Hire supplies a set of comprehensive instructional material both in online video and printed formats inside our fleet of watercarts.

Watercart Range

Our new Fuso watercarts includes the latest generation 3,500, 4,500, 5,000, 7,000 and 10,000 litre watercarts.