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truck LicenCE Watercarts

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TWS Hire has truck licence watercarts (water carts) available for clients who require large capacity watercarts. A truck licence is required to accomodate the Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM), as the truck fully loaded with water exceeds weight restrictions of a standard car licence. If you don’t meet licence requirements we do have car licence watercarts and trailer mount watercart options available.

Purpose Built

Made to TWS HIRE specification the TWS HIRE Truck Licence Watercart range specifications include powerful turbo diesel light rigid truck (minimum truck licence) with manual gear box, service history, insurances, pre hire checklist, beacon, high visual yellow white and red tape, baffled tank, high pressure pump, 20 meters of hose, outlet for garden hose, air conditioning, CD player, radio, lockable battery isolation switch, wheel nut indicators, UHF radio, first aid kit, fire extinguisher inside and out, reverse camera, and reverse squawker.


7,000 Litre option available (4,500 AND 5,000 LITRES IN CAR LICENSE MODELS)

Compact, comfortable and easy to use

Our truck licence watercarts are really simple to operate and are reliable. They also come with a range of creature comforts to assist you in easily completing your work. The truck licence watercarts are compact and therefore easy to manoeuvre.



TWS Hire watercarts have extensive functionality to suit a very broad range of watercart applications, such as watering plants via side sprayers on both left and/or right sides, and ground soaking for dust suppression via the dripper, rear sprayer, or hoses. All TWS Watercarts also feature outlets for standard garden hoses or 2 inch Kamlok, which is ideal for applications, which require fast and high pressure water discharge.

Side Spray

Useful to a range of applications, such as watering a row of plants alongside roads and dust suppression.

Rear Spray

The rear spray is handy for a number of applications, such as dust suppression on dirt roads and sites.

Dribble Bar

The dribble bar deeply penetrates the ground. Excellent for washing roads and soaking road base.

Full Rear and Side Spray

For those big jobs that need to be done quickly.

Handheld Hose Spray

For those jobs that need a targeted approach the handheld hose is available.


MAINS WATER FILLING OPTIONS // WATER CANNONS // HOSES We have a range of accessories to make your job faster and more cost effective, such as mains water filling options, water cannons, and hoses. Our watercarts can be filled up with fresh mains water via the use of a standpipe supplied by us.  


Hoses are available for those targeted jobs. 


Standpipes are available to help you fill up your watercart. 


SAFETY // EASE OF USE // FUNCTIONALITY // COMFORT We have thought of everything you need in a watercart and included it. Our watercarts include safety features, creature comforts, and a range of accessories to ensure that you can get your job done easily and efficiently.


Car LicenCe Watercart

Purpose built watercarts that are easy to use.

Trailer Watercart

Purpose built watercart trailers for those smaller jobs. 

Truck Licence Watercart

High capacity watercarts for big water applications.

Skid mount Watercart

Compact and easily transportable skidmount watercarts.

Renting from TWS HIRE

About TWS Hire

Sydney based TWS HIRE is one of the Australia’s largest suppliers of watercarts to the construction and earthmoving industry.

Watercart Range

Our new Fuso watercarts includes the latest generation 3,500, 4,500 and 5,000 litre watercarts. These are part of our goal to supply watercarts that operate safely, efficiently, and to the total satisfaction of our customers.

Delivery Options

TWS Hire will deliver equipment throughout the greater Sydney metropolitan region from our Sydney depot. We will consider delivery outside this area; please contact us for a quote.

Onsite Services

We all know there is nothing worse than hiring equipment to get a job done on time, and for some reason a maintenance issue occurs that may slow down the work.

Payment Methods

Paying for your watercart and equipment hire is simple and easy. We accept payment by all bank credit and debit cards, including Pay Pass. We are happy to open a 30 day credit account for you subject to lodging an application and approval of credit account terms and conditions. Download our credit application form here.