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Payment Methods

Easy Payment Methods

Paying for your watercart and equipment hire is simple and easy. We accept payment by all bank credit and debit cards, including Pay Pass.

We are happy to open a 30 day credit account for you subject to lodging an application and approval of credit account terms and conditions. Download our credit application form here.

Competitive Hire Rates

It is a competitive world out there, so we know our prices have to enable you to submit a competitive bid for your site job. Be sure to tell us your site requirements so that we can recommend and configure a watercart and equipment package to meet your budget and performance expectations.

Tendering Assistance

When you are tendering for your next construction, earthworks or landscaping project, bear in mind that we completely understand the detail required for the process and we are able to help you select the right watercart and pricing package.

We willl give you a firm price for watercart rental and any additional equipment, including delivery to the work site.

We promise to honour quotes for six months and if the equipment is for a specific job, we will fix the price until the works are completed, even if the job goes over the original time schedule.