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In today’s highly competitive construction industry market, there’s no room for equipment, processes or practices that will drag down your bottom line.

Profitability is critical to maintaining the health and longevity of any business, therefore any equipment you purchase or hire needs to be the best in its class, not only to get the job done quickly and efficiently, but also to protect worker safety.

Watercarts need to be easy to drive and equipped with all the features that make an operator’s life comfortable and helps to maintain their full attention on the job. At TWS HIRE, our aim is to provide equipment that’s best in its class, such as our new 5000 litre capacity automatic transmission water carts.

Apart from their superior reliability and ease of operation from their automatic transmission, these watercarts are designed to full safety specification. Features include internal and external emergency stop controls, internal and external fire extinguishers, first aid kit, reversing camera, reverse squawker, wheel nut indicators, battery isolation switch, UHF radio, flashing beacon and safety tape in yellow, white and red highlights.

These dry hire car licence automatic transmission 5000 litre watercarts feature fully baffled water tanks to prevent braking surge.
Most important, all vehicles are hired with current details of insurance, service records, risk management statements and any necessary compliance validation.

If you really care about profit, productivity and safety talk to us today on 0448 892 837 or email [email protected] hiring one of our fleet of new 5000 litre capacity car licence automatic transmission water carts. You will find our rates are super-competitive and we deliver to your site.