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People ask us what has made TWS HIRE a leading equipment hire company. 

We put the customer first, by delivering industry-leading service and the most advanced fleet of watercarts in the country. Staying ahead means you need the best suppliers.

For example,Teencee Graphics, a Penrith based graphics and design studio is a long-time supplier of internal and external stickers and decals.

The adhesive signage supplied by Teencee Graphics doesn’t crack, fade or degrade, despite being constantly exposed to detergents, degreasers and other chemicals used to keep our vehicle fleet sparkling clean.

In addition to our serious approach to equipment safety, we also must comply with site requirements for instruction and labelling, such as emergency stops and the on-off direction for water flow.

Clean and highly visible warning and instruction decals are a priority. This month we’re adding door decals that call attention to the location of first aid kits and fire extinguishers.

If you are looking for high quality signage, you should give Rachael a call on (02) 4731 2011.

When you hire your next watercart from TWS HIRE you will see the quality of their work. For watercart, water trailer or portable equipment hire, call us now.