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When anyone is facing a serious health challenge, they and their family need all the support they can get. 

Aidan Vahtrik, better known as “Vardy” to his friends, is battling Leukaemia, while being supported by his mother who is taking care of him through this tough time.

TWS HIRE is joining his other friends and supporters by putting on a big day on Saturday 4thof May for Vardy at the Clarendon Tavern, who have generously provided their Courtyard area free of charge for the day. 

The local community has rallied by providing a selection of raffle and silent auction prizes and there are YES MATE T-shirts for sale on the day and a list of local DJs Braiden Horswill and Zac Elven will be playing tunes to keep the good vibes flowing throughout the day and night.

A huge turnout is expected with more than 400 people already booked via Facebook and a further 370 interested in the event, we’re expecting a huge turnout on May 4th.

Also contributing to the event are BAT industrial, Clarity Auto Detailing, Windsor Truck Bits, A1 Auto Repair, Milwaukee Tools and Buttsworth Engineering. Check out the Facebook page for this event.