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Here’s some great news if your business involves demolition, landscape construction and maintenance or cleaning construction sites.

TWS HIRE is dedicated to providing equipment and services that make your business more efficient. Time is money, so you don’t want to spend time fiddling with hoses and attachments if you need to distribute water where your watercart can’t reach.

Our new, super-powerful 76 mm (3 inch) manual cannon heads can be fitted to our watercarts and are an ideal solution to shooting high-volume jets of water to where it’s needed. 

Dust-busting water can now be directed straight to a screening attachment, rock hammer, twin-header, rock saw, broom or other dust creating attachment to meet dust suppression requirements of your site. 
Or if you’re into landscaping, you can water steep slopes of newly planted vegetation or water established plantings as part of your maintenance program. 

But the best news is, these water cannon heads are available free on request with the hire of any of our 3,500 litre, 4,500 litre, 5,000 litre or 7,000 litre watercarts.