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You can’t help noticing when equipment is clean and has obviously been maintained in top condition. Clean, well presented equipment is a sure indication that your hiring company cares about the condition of equipment; its functionality and your safety.

Environmentally compliant equipment is our priority, so that’s why we have installed a state-of-the-art wash bay to ensure our water carts and equipment are spotlessly clean when delivered to your site.
All dirt and soil that is removed from washed trucks is filtered, captured and removed from our site for safe and appropriate disposal. A two-stage filtration process extracts grease and oils, ready for environmentally compliant processing.

We take our environmental footprint seriously, with the majority of our truck fleet featuring   low emission engines that meet the stringent Euro 5 specification. 

Our environmental policy also extends to our service vehicle, which is fitted with a recycle bin and a waste oil facility to ensure used and contaminated materials are safely removed from your site. Paper recycling is our environmental target for this year, where we aim to recycle 100 percent of our paper waste.

When you are ready to hire your next super-clean watercart, watercart trailer or skid-mount watercart, give me a call on  0448 892 837.