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TWS Hire boasts a fleet of trucks equipped with automatic, or ‘auto’ transmission. Not only does this mean that our watercart vehicles meet Euro 5 emissions control standards and are fully compliant to suit all site regulations, but both ourselves and our clients are benefitted in multiple ways. 

Access to auto trucks mean that it’s easier for drivers to do their jobs:

  • No additional (manual) licensing required. Driver’s Licenses are given in New South Wales for automatic rather than manual vehicles by default, so you don’t have to worry about who can drive what. 
  • The 5-speed automatic gearboxes help to get the job done faster and with less difficulty. 
  • No more struggling with gears or stalling on intimidating city jobs. Focus on the job at hand and navigation instead.
  • The smooth operation of auto trucks requires less strain and concentration from drivers, resulting in reduced fatigue and room for error, and higher productivity.
  • The ease of stopping and starting auto trucks makes watering stationary objects more efficient and less strenuous for operators. 

Although automatic trucks are ultimately more expensive to purchase than manuals, investing in them means less maintenance and fewer problems. The problems typical to manual vehicles mean delays and inconveniences in getting jobs completed due to what can become lengthy repair procedures. Burnt-out clutches, gearbox issues, or other damages typical to manual transmissions are no longer front of mind with a fleet of functional automatic vehicles. 

When hiring any TWS Hire watercart vehicle, you will receive:

  • A standpipe.
  • Permits.
  • Comprehensive instructions. 

To hire a watercart, call us now on 0448 892 837 to arrange delivery or collection from our depot in Riverstone.