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As the driest continent on earth, Australia faces many challenges in conserving its precious water supply. Our local drought conditions have brought water use regulations into sharp focus, and like all industries, TWS HIRE is playing its part in helping customers minimise water use.

Sydney Water has implemented level I water restrictions which includes detailed instructions on where, when and how water may be used. This online information should be consulted so you may be confident your water usage is legal.

Water trucks distribute water for a wide range of construction and commercial applications and the Sydney Water regulations are quite clear as to how water may be used. To help our customers conserve as much water as possible, while complying with regulations, we have introduced a new trigger nozzle that provides users with a number of benefits.

Trigger nozzles need to be ordered in advance and are fitted to equipment prior to hire delivery. They save water and money by reducing water usage. They offer the benefit of allowing the use of a small water truck and less water load capacity due to more efficient water use.

TWS HIRE trigger nozzles have a two-stage setting. The first trigger position sets the water stream at straight hard pressure, and the second trigger position provides a wide spray for softer applications. This feature is a great benefit for dust suppression, or to meet workplace regulations required for site cleaning.
Trigger nozzles are full industrial grade and equipped with rubber sleeves for longer life and durability, as well as having a protective rubber sleeve that will prevent marking or scratching of the water truck.

If you want to be sure about complying with Sydney’s water restrictions on your site or would like to discuss hiring Australia’s most advanced water truck equipment, give us a call on 0448 892 837.