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At TWS HIRE, environmental protection and responsibility has been one of our key policies. We take recycling seriously and are aiming to consume as little as possible, while eliminating all unrecyclable waste within the next two to five years.

Concern with water purity and care of the environment has led us to install the latest filtration technology for our wash bay, which ensures waterborne impurities and toxins are removed before water is returned to drains.

Environmental education
We are also very pleased to be associated with other companies that are taking industry-leading roles in environmental education and who share our view that we all have a responsibility for the reduction of pollutants.

TWS HIRE supplies water trucks to customers such as Ocean Protect , a company whose products, philosophy and management are showing industry where it needs to be heading, now and into the future. This company designs and installs high-end industrial water filtration systems for the management of stormwater treatment assets and infrastructure that filters storm water prior to disposal to the waterways.

Oceans in crisis
Ocean Protect says we are now at crisis levels, which is why their purpose beyond profit is to protect the waterways. They predict there will be more plastic in the sea than fish by 2050 and whilst plastic is part of the issue, so too are toxins and pollutants that include sediments, heavy metals, nitrogen, phosphorous and cigarette butts that flow to the ocean from stormwater runoff.

TWS HIRE supplies its 5,000-litre auto, safety-specific watercart to Ocean Protect who use the water truck for their equipment pre-commissioning testing process.

Customers such as Ocean Protect are a prime example of where environmental protection needs to be heading. In the future, we envisage that a job site will involve more than moving dirt, laying concrete and erecting a roof. The future of recycle and reusable resources is exciting and TWS HIRE recognises its role in the education process.

While today’s eco-aware homes focus on a low environmental footprint, we see that civil construction will eventually follow this trend, in the same way that EURO 5 low emission engines deliver greater fuel economy and better environmental outcomes.

At TWS HIRE, water trucks, watercarts, watercart trailers and all equipment are fully maintained to meet the most stringent environmental protection guidelines. All our vehicles are late models, fitted with high-level emissions standards engines and all cleaning is carried out to ensure that there is no site pollution contamination.

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