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Every form of community sport is a great way to keep people together. Sporting participation provides a healthy outdoor environment for people of all ages who enjoy  being part of a group, while contributing to their physical and emotional well-being.

TWS HIRE is proud to have been a long-term sponsor of the Sydney Water Ski Club over the years, and is pleased to continue its involvement with this great organisation. 

Sydney Water Ski Club provides fantastic opportunities and encouragement to support promising development of its junior members and also those who attain the goal of representing Australia at the world water ski championships. 

For spectators who enjoy watching fast, high excitement water sports, the TWS HIRE logo will be instantly recognisable, being prominently displayed on the Malibu Response club ski boat, along with the logos of other major sponsors as below. 

The Sydney Water Ski Club is based at Floyd Bay, located in suburban Lansvale. The club prides itself on its high level of activity, professionalism and desire to encourage anyone who wishes to enter the sport to come along and enjoy the family friendly environment and the benefits of membership. 

Every year club members have a winter water skiing holiday at Stoney Park, Port Macquarie. As above photo shows members enjoying their winter break. 

As an active member of the Sydney sporting community, TWS HIRE values its association with the club and plays an active role in encouraging membership through its ongoing sponsorship. Anyone interested in joining the Sydney Water Ski Club can check out details here.