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Over the last twelve months, TWS HIRE has been pleased to support those in the community with special needs, and have encouraged our customers to join us in this endeavour. We are very thankful to those businesses who have donated goods, services or resources to support a local team, organisation or individual in need.

Even small donations can make a huge impact in playing a part in helping those less fortunate. For example, Trojan Wake Ski Snow generously assisted TWS HIRE in the purchase of over $1,500 worth of wetsuits for donation to the Scuba Gym.

The Scuba Gym was founded by Lyndi Leggett as a way of helping those with a range of health challenges to improve their life. Scuba therapy is unique in providing a weightless environment, giving people the ability to increase strength and flexibility not possible during normal workouts.

People who are quadriplegics, paraplegics, sufferers of multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, Lyme’s disease, Dandy-Walker syndrome, hypotonia, fibromyalgia, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS), motor neuron disease, spina bifida, autism, Down syndrome, PTSD and amputees have all been the beneficiaries of therapy from the Scuba Gym. 

With the guidance of her team, Lyndi is able to supply students with a recovery plan that would seem impossible on land, and involves diving in an Olympic pool with full scuba equipment including tanks, wetsuits and accessories and completing physical exercises while underwater.

Throughout the year, TWS HIRE will be sharing similar stories of how those less fortunate than ourselves are being helped and supported by dedicated people like Lyndi.