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Great for small jobs

TWS HIRE Watercart Trailers are ideal for those smaller jobs or one-off requirements where you need to get water onto and off a site in the minimum time. They provide all the practical and safety features of our large water carts, combined with the convenience of being able to be towed behind your standard utility vehicle and maneuvered into position.
All you need is a vehicle with a towbar rated for a total weight of 560 kilograms when empty for pick-up and delivery or 1,760 kilograms when fully filled with water.

Everything you need

Available with tank capacities of 1,000 litres and 1,200 litres, these compact and reliable watercart trailers are able to be filled quickly and supplied with a standard 50 mm tow ball and fully road compliant lighting with 7-pin connectors.

Like all TWS HIRE equipment, our watercart trailers are supplied complete with standpipe and permits, full instructions, Honda high-pressure pump, 35 metres of hose on reel, outlet for garden hose, wheel nut indicators, 4.5 kilo fire extinguisher, 10 litres of spare fuel and rear adjustable sprayers.

For your peace of mind, TWS HIRE water cart trailers are fully insured, fitted with high visual safety tape and fully baffled tanks for stability.