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Sydney’s continuing torrential rain has created headaches for many, including washing of clay, soils, gravel and other debris onto roads, highways and other vehicle access routes.

Localised flooding has added to the problem with washouts of dislodged vegetation and even residual oils and lubricants. These materials deposited thickly on paved areas have creating slip, skid and other environmental hazards.

The best way to quickly resolve these problems is to remove accumulated unsafe residues and materials from vehicle traffic areas by powerfully flushing materials where they may be safely removed.

TWS HIRE has come up with a great solution by fitting 3-inch, high volume road flushing outlets to its fully automatic Fuso water carts.

Efficient Road Flushing by TWS Hire

These high-volume flushing outlets can be switched on and off by the operator from inside the cabin of the watercart. Spray angles of the outlets are fully adjustable to ensure the most difficult areas can be reached quickly and efficiently. 

Even heavy deposits of material can be removed by the addition of multiple spray heads which ensure a  minimal number of passes are needed to perform the task. Road flushing heads can be easily fitted on-site to an existing vehicle.

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