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Pressure washing is an environmentally sound and highly effective method of cleaning surfaces, removing stains, mould and loose paint

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This cleaning process is very efficient for removing caked clay and dirt from the tyres, work surfaces and attachments of off-road equipment such as excavators, quarry equipment, agricultural machinery and road trucks.

There are times when you don’t have a ready source of water for this task, but you may already have a water cart on-site, which eliminates the need to for a mains pressure water connection. 

TWS HIRE has added an optional pressure cleaning facility for its late-model self-drive automatic Fuso watercarts. The pressure cleaner can be removed from the truck if needed and may be transferred between water carts if you have multiple hires.

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Up to 2,000 psi of pressure is provided by a petrol-powered Honda pump which is similar to the Honda pump on the watercart. The kit includes a high-pressure lance with trigger control and a handy 30 metres of hose which is dispensed from a stainless-steel locking reel.

TWS HIRE will also deliver the pressure cleaner to a site where a TWS HIRE watercart truck is being used and arrange for installation or removal.

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